Our Values

Company Core Values

What we serve is important. We believe it is important to serve the best quality ingredients to our customers; if we don’t like it, we DON’T buy it, and we DON’T serve it.

Our Guests are our driving force. We strive to make sure every guest feels like family and special. We work for our guest, for they are the reason Casa Grande exists. For us, it is not about the sale, it is about the experience we can provide.

Giving Back. We value giving back to the community and supporting those who have supported us.

Our Team. Through our ability to work together, we create an enjoyable work environment where our associates value honesty and lead with respect, to provide our guest great experience.

Mission Statement

“When customers walk through my door, I want them to feel as though they’re coming to see family and friends, and that this is a place where the can feel completely comfortble and relaxed – like coming home.

Im Grateful that my customers choose to dine with us. They pass so many other restaurants on the way to get here. Because of that, they deserve the best food and the best service.

My desire is to provide them more excellent food and more excellent service than they even expected. The ultimate goal is to send everyone home happy.”

The Road to Casa Grande

Owning and running a business has always been in my family’s blood. My grandpa had a shoe and clothing store in Mexico. My mom, being the older sister, was in charge of running the entire store from morning to night. She did that until she married my dad, so she has always had the business mentality.

After marrying, my parents started and ran several businesses themselves, including a local artisan store, a fresh fruit & vegetable shop, and a local taqueria – all in Mexico.

When my dad was 35, he came to the U.S to see what it was like. He was only planning to stay for a month and a half; but, he started working at a restaurant his cousin owned and decided to stay, and help my mom and the five children that by that time to come to the U.S too. He worked in the U.S for a year without his family, sending money to my mom.

I was 15, and the oldest of my siblings, when I came here and began working with my dad in a restaurant. After six years, I took a job at a trash company and worked there until my aunt gave me the opportunity to run a restaurant that she owned in Covington, VA. But all the while I was working theses jobs, it was alway in my mind that I wanted to run my own restaurant.

I managed my aunt’s restaurant until 2010, when my brother Diego (wha had since opened El Colonial in Ashland, KY) told me about a restaurant building for rent in South Point, OH. He knew that I wanted to do something for myself. So, I came here and opened Casa Grande with my brother, Diego and my Uncle Gabriel.

Now, here I am – putting everything I have into making this place something special in the community. I believe people should follow their dreams. I’m so glad I was able to, and so grateful for my brother Diego and my Uncle Gabriel for helping me. I feel blessed that the people here accepted us into their community. Every day, I’m meeting wonderful people… and I’m raising a beautiful family here, I’m so grateful for the life we’ve made and so proud of what we have built here together.